interscholz NATIONAL NETWORK - AS 33843

  Backbone Auslastung

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interscholz network

interscholz is handling a redundant n x 10GE broadband MPLS backbone. We are present at Leonberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York and following peering-points - other locations in germany can be ip connected on request. We can provide full MPLS features (Etherlink, L2transport and VPN) on our backbone.

external IP capacity Stuttgart RZ4

> 100 GBit/s

external IP capacity Frankfurt 1

> 70 GBit/s

external IP capacity Muenchen 1

> 10 GBit/s

external IP capacity Leonberg 3

> 40 GBit/s

external IP capacity Leonberg 5

3 x 10 GBit/s

external IP capacity New York City

10 GBit/s

interscholz network policy

interscholz Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG, Germany has an open peering-policy. No contract is needed for realizing a peering. If you need contract documents, so please send us the documents via email or fax - we will work it out.

For peering we would like see an average Traffic of at least 1 Mbit/s Traffic to or from our network. If you are peering with a route server and we are seeing your prefixes over it - we will not setup a direct session!

Announcing-prefixes at these locations: ~55
BGP-sessions will be set up normaly with MD5 encryption - not essentially needed.

If you want to setup peering, so please contact us: peering[at}

For international peerings please contact interscholz, Inc - North America (peering[at}

Network Operation Center

Problems with BGP - Sessions:
24h/7d NOC: noc[at}